Аквариум, Террариум, Флорариум. Разработка, изготовление, оформление и обслуживание
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Illustrated guide of DECAPODA for Atlantic sector of Antarctic and surrounding waters.
This book is a first in the world Decapoda key for the south-western Atlantic. It contains a short description of the external structure of the order Decapoda with original illustrations, a summary of the order of modern taxonomy, the original text keys, and two comparative tables for visual identification of species. According to these tables can easily determine the kind not even a specialist.
It includes 14 original plates with color photos of Decapoda. Nine of which were made on living material and accurately convey the color of live animals. The other five applications were made on material from the collections of the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands Fisheries Department and provides a complete appearance of these animals.
The book will be useful as a field guide for scientific observers on fishing vessels, for experts on the fauna of the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic, and as anyone who interested in Decapod Crustaceans.
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Español Translation by Victoria Anosova
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