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The Sea of Okhotsk belongs to the Pacific ocean basin, separated from it by the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Kuril Islands and the island of Hokkaido. It separated from the sea of Japan by the island of Sakhalin. The area is 1603 thousand km². The average depth of 821 m, the maximum depth is 3916 m. The Western part of the sea is located above a gentle extension of the continent and has a shallow depth. In the center of the sea are the depression of Deryugin (in the South) and the TINRO depression. The Kuril basin is located in the Eastern part. The coast to the North is heavily indented.
From October to may — June, the Northern part of the sea is covered with ice. The South-Eastern part practically does not freeze.
In winter, the water temperature at the sea surface ranges from -1.8 to 2.0 ° C, in summer the temperature rises to 10-18 ° C. Below the surface layer, at depths of about 50-150 meters, there is an intermediate cold layer of water, the temperature of which does not change throughout the year and is about −1.7 ° C. The waters of the Pacific Ocean entering the sea through the Kuril straits form deep water masses with a temperature of 2.5-2.7 ° C (at the very bottom - 1.5-1.8 ° C). In coastal areas with significant river runoff, the water temperature in winter is about 0 ° C, in summer - 8-15 ° C. The salinity of surface sea waters is 32.8–33.8 ‰. The salinity of the intermediate layer is 34.5 ‰. Deep waters have a salinity of 34.3-34.4 ‰. Coastal waters have a salinity of less than 30 ‰.
In the Sea of ​​Okhotsk __ Decapoda species have been recorded, of which __ species are endemic.
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