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Last apdate - 24.01.2022
It is global ID for the decapod crustaceans from different rerions of the world. From the all possible methods identification of species, we have chosen the most progressive method of identification - "by the picture". This method based on the obvious differences in appearance and colorization between different taxonomic species. It allows identification the different specimens faster than by using traditional taxonomic keys. This method is not new and has long been used in atlases. There are 509 species of decapod crustaceans in this site. All pictures on this site are original. Are present the photos of some rare species. The pictures of these species are not found anywhere else.
The structure of this site corresponds to the taxonomy structure of the Order Decapoda. If you click on the appropriate picture below, you can go to the desired section:
Caridea Astacidea
Axiidea Achelata
Brachyura Anomura
Some species can be identification by local ID also, if the place of catch is known:
About Anatomy of Decapoda Decapods in aquarium Deep-water Decapods Commercial Decapods
Внешнее строение Decapoda Традиционные аквариумные виды
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