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The Indian Ocean is the third largest and deepest ocean on Earth, accounting for about 20% of its water surface. Its area is 76.174 million km², volume - 282.65 million km³. The deepest point of the ocean is in the Sunda Trench (7729 meters).
In the north, it washes Asia, in the west - Africa, in the east - Australia; in the south it borders on Antarctica. The Indian Ocean is approximately 10,000 km wide between the southern points of Australia and Africa.
The mid-ocean ridge in the Indian Ocean consists of three branches that diverge from the central part of the ocean. Thus, the ridges divide the ocean floor into 3 sectors. In each of the three sectors, characteristic relief forms are distinguished: hollows, individual ridges, plateaus, mountains, trenches, canyons, etc.
In the western sector, there are the largest basins: Somali (with depths of 3000–5800 m), Mascarene (4500–5300 m), Mozambique (4000–6000 m), Madagascar Basin (4500–6400 m), Agulhas (4000–5000 m) ; underwater ridges: Mascarensky ridge, Madagascar; plateau: Agulhas, Mozambique; separate mountains: Equator, Afrikana, Vernadsky, Hall, Bardina, Kurchatova; Amiranta Trench, Mauritius Trench; canyons: Zambezi, Tanganyika and Tagela. In the northeastern sector, there are depressions: Arabian (4000–5000 m), Central (5000–6000 m), Coconut (5000–6000 m), North Australian (Argo Plain; 5000–5500 m), Western Australian Basin ( 5000–6500 m), Naturalist (5000–6000 m) and the South Australian Basin (5000–5500 m); underwater ridges: Maldives ridge, East Indian ridge, West Australian (Broken Plateau); the Cuvier mountain range; Exmouth Plateau; Mill Upland; separate mountains: Moscow State University, Shcherbakov and Afanasy Nikitin; East Indian trench; canyons: the Indus, Ganges, Sitown and Murray rivers. In the Antarctic sector - the basins: Crozet (4500-5000 m), the African-Antarctic basin (4000-5000 m) and the Australian-Antarctic basin (4000-5000 m, maximum - 6089 m); plateaus: Kerguelen, Crozet and Amsterdam; separate mountains: Lena and Ob.
There are 10 seas in the Indian Ocean, 4 of which are located in the Indian Ocean sector of Antarctica:
1. Red Sea
2. Arabian Sea
3. Laccadive Sea
4. Andaman Sea
5. Timor Sea
  6. Arafura Sea
7. Mawson Sea
8. Davis Sea
9. Sea Commonwealth
10. Sea of Astronauts
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