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The South Atlantic Ocean can be divided into western and eastern parts. The western Atlantic Ocean includes the eastern coast of South America. It is adjoined by a wide strip of the Patagonian shelf, which passes through the Patagonian slope into the oceanic bed. The Falkland (Malvinas) Islands archipelago is located in the center of the shallow waters. In the southeastern part of South America, there is the Scotia Sea arc. This arc is elongated in a latitudinal direction and consists of three segments: the North Scotia Ridge, the South Sandwich Volcanic Arc and the South Scotia Ridge.
The northern ridge is mostly underwater; only South Georgia is located above sea level. Within the South Scotia Ridge, the South Orkney Islands and the South Shetland Islands rise above the water.
Inside the Scotia Arc is a deep-water depression that forms the eastern continuation of the Bellingshausen Basin located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. They are connected through the Drake Passage, but at the same time are separated by an underwater sill stretching in the southeast direction from the southwestern tip of Tierra del Fuego to the extreme eastern island of the South Shetland archipelago.
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