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List of species of Decapoda
Antarctica is the southern polar region that unites Antarctica and its adjacent islands. Almost all the shores of Antarctica are covered with glaciers. The Antarctic boundary runs along 60 degrees south latitude, where the boundary of the circumpolar Antarctic current passes. These waters are also called the Southern Ocean.
Above 60 degrees south latitude is Subantarctic, which is characterized by conditions similar to Antarctic. The subantarctic has no clear boundaries and in the north it borders on the temperate belt.
The study of the fauna in the Antarctic and Subantarctic is greatly hampered by the harsh climatic conditions and considerable remoteness from civilization.
By connection with the oceans in Antarctica, three sectors are distinguished, where 13 seas are distinguished:
in Atlantic sector - the Scotia Sea, Weddell Sea, Lazarev Sea, Riiser-Larsen Sea;
in Indian Ocean sector - Sea ​​of ​​Astronauts, Commonwealth Sea, Davis Sea, Mawson Sea, Sea of ​​D'Urville;
in Pacific sector - Somov Sea, Ross Sea, Amundsen Sea, Bellingshausen Sea.
Most Decapoda species in Antarctica (with a few exceptions) are found only at great depths.
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