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Seas of Far East of Russia
The Pacific Ocean (Pacific) is the largest ocean in area and depth on Earth. Its length from north to south is about 15.8 thousand km and from east to west - about 19.5 thousand km. Its area together with the seas is 178.684 million km2, the average depth is 3984 m. The greatest depth is found in the Mariana Trench and is 10 994 m. In the Pacific oceans there are mid-ocean ridges, which include large massifs - the East and South Pacific uplifts that are surrounded by a series of smaller mountain ranges. There are about 10 thousand islands in the Pacific.
Along the equatorial line, the Pacific Ocean is divided into North and South parts. The North Pacific unites the vast body of water between North America and Asia. This includes a significant part of Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific.
In the North Pacific, 15 seas are distinguished, of which 3 belong to the seas of the Far East, 7 are located between the islands and 1 in North America:
1. Bering Sea
2. Sea of Okhotsk
3. Sea of Japan
4. Yellow Sea
5. East China Sea
6. South China Sea
7. Philippine Sea
8. Inland Sea of Japan
  9. Visayan Sea
10. Sibuyan Sea
11. Sea Sulu
12. Sea of Sulawesi
13. Sea Camotes
14. Sea of Mindanao
15. Sea Selish
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