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Commercial Decapods
For commercial activities of human are of primary importance a species with high taste qualities and species capable of forming dense accumulation, which makes it possible to obtain their maximum quantity at minimal cost. The value of extracted crustaceans is also determined by the culinary traditions of different nations.
The FAO statistic include about 180 species of commercial important decapod crustaceans. It should be noted that FAO lists do not include all species wich traditionally mined in different countries of the world, as well as not all species that are currently considered to be potential objects for fishery.
There are 24 species of decapod crustaceans in the list of fishery of Russia with different value for commercial use:
Red king Crab
Blue king crab
Spiny king crab
Scarlet king crab
Verill's paralomis
Golden King crab
Snow (Queen) crab
Bairdi Tanner crab
Triangle Tanner crab
Grooved Tanner crab
Korean horsehair Crab
Helmet crab
  Japanese Mitten Crab
Morotoge shrimp
Coonstripe Shrimp
Northern shrimp
Humpy shrimp
Grass shrimp
Spiny Lebbeid
Sculptured shrimp
Northern Argid
The Black Sea grass shrimp
The Black Sea stone shrimp
There are coastal and expedition fishing in the Russia.
Traditional commercial Decapods in Europe.
Fish market. (Suva, Fiji).
Fish market. Chigalchi, Busan, Korea.
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