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The Barents Sea is the marginal sea of ​​the Arctic Ocean. It is bounded by the northern coast of Europe and the Svalbard archipelago, Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya. The area of ​​the sea is 1424 thousand km², most of it has a depth of 300-400 m, an average depth of 222 m and a maximum depth of 600 m in the trench of Bear Island. The southwestern shores of the Barents Sea are mostly fjord, high, rocky, heavily indented. This part of the sea does not freeze in winter due to the influence of the North Atlantic Current. The southeastern part of the sea is called the Pechora Sea. To the east of the Kanin Nos peninsula, the coastal relief changes dramatically - the shores are mostly low and slightly indented.
Semi-daily tides. The greatest value of tides near the coast of the Kola Peninsula reaches 6.1 m, in other places - 0.6-4.7 m. The salinity of the surface layer of water in the open sea during the year is 34.7-35.0 ‰ in the southwest, in the east - 33.0-34.0 ‰, in the north - 32.0-33.0 ‰. In the coastal zone of the sea in spring and summer, salinity decreases to 30–32 ‰, and by the end of winter it increases to 34.0–34.5 ‰. The influx of warm Atlantic waters determines the relatively high temperature and salinity in the southwestern part of the sea, where in February - March the surface water temperature is + 3 ... + 5 ° C, in August it rises to + 7 ... + 9 ° C. North of 74 ° N. sh. and in the southeastern part of the sea in winter the water temperature at the surface is below −1 ° C, and in the summer in the north - + 4 ... 0 ° C; in the southeast - + 4 ... + 7 ° C. In summer, in the coastal zone, the surface layer of warm water 5-8 meters thick can warm up to + 11 ... + 12 ° C.
Currently, 38 species of Decapoda are known in the Barents Sea.
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